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This form is required from parents and guardians for all children left with Learning Pod and Giggle Zone.  The activities are recreational and involve a level of risk and exertion. As such certain implied consumer guarantees which might otherwise apply at law will be excluded by the operation of this waiver. You must, prior to accessing any services provided by Learning Pod Group or Giggle Zone, disclose any condition that may place your child, or a child your responsible for at risk by participating in the activities.  If a child is at risk or requires additional support or one to one assistance we recommend the child does not participate.

acknowledge and agree to the following matters.

2. I acknowledge:

a. the child/ren will engage in physical, educational, wellbeingactivities at Learning Pod and/ orGiggle Zone;

b. the activities are not devoid of danger and it is possible that a child may get hurt;

c.my consent to the child engaging in all activities provided at Learning Pod and/or Giggle Zone and do so inacknowledgement that the child does so at its own risk;

d.that I release and discharge, to the full extent permitted by law, the Learning Pod and/or Giggle Zone operator, itsofficers, employees and contractors from all and any liability flowing from a child being hurt, whether that be physically, emotionally, due to a deprivation of liberty or otherwise;

e. I have freely and voluntarily signed this form and it establishes legal and binding matters between me, each child andthe Learning Pod and/or Giggle Zone operator; and

f.these conditions are contractually binding, the consideration for which is the Learning Pod and/or Giggle Zoneoperator providing the activities and services in exchange for the price paid by me for them.

3. I warrant that I am and will not attending the Learning Pod and/or Giggle Zone premises or facilities at any time while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4. I agree to abide rules and directions provided by Learning Pod Group or/or Giggle Zone staff and signs, and to guide each child to do so.

5. I further warrant that each child listed in this form, and myself if I am entering the premises or engaging in any activity, does not have any history andis physically, Mentally, emotionallysound, and capable of engaging in activities such as those provided by Learning Pod Group or Giggle Zone.

6. I consent to Learning Pod Group or Giggle Zone to taking any necessary action to assist with a listed child’s welfare including the administration of any emergency medical treatment or the engagement of medical services. I also agree to be responsible for and indemnify Learning Pod Group or Giggle Zone for the cost of any treatment incurred.

7. I take full responsibilityfor any child listed with any medical conditions, medication, or allergies. I agree that is not the responsibility of the Learning Pod Group and / or Giggle Zone.

8. Each provision in this agreement is individually severable. If any provision is or becomes illegal, unforeseeable, or invalid it is to be treated as being severed from this agreement, but the rest of the agreement will not be affected.

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